Drinking clean and safe water.
It is a basic right that we all enjoy.

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CEO Message

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We welcome you to visit our company.

Since established in Jun. 2000, Urim Enterprises has been manufacturing sterilization facilities for preventing waterborne diseases and water purification facilities for removing heavy metals, muddiness, and lime. The company installs these facilities in villages using underground water or valley water as main drinkable water source, in massive food service places, in schools, in hospitals, and in factories, so as to supply clean and safe water.

Since 2016, the company has been testing water quality, supplying sterilizers for free, supplying water purifiers in countries with poor water hygiene, including Cambodia and Pakistan, and joining KOTRA CSR projects. As such, the company always makes an effort to prolong life and improve basic living through water quality improvement.

Urim Enterprises will do the best for sustainable development by investing further in R&D and establishing cooperation system with local residents and NGO groups.

All executives and employees of Urim Enterprises