Drinking clean and safe water.
It is a basic right that we all enjoy.

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Arsenic/manganese remover

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Enhancement of drinkable water quality standards
  • Enhanced allowable criterion of arsenic, the group 1 carcinogen in drinking water : down from 0.05㎎/L to 0.01㎎/L
  • Complete solution to arsenic (As) → 99.9% removal of As with the absorption technology supporting backwash
Properties s and distribution of arsenic
  • Existence type : Natural arsenic is an inorganic compound. It has two types (trivalent arsenic and pentavalent arsenic).
  • Properties : trivalent arsenic with neutral ion type is highly movable and strongly toxic, and hard to be removed.
  • Risk : Long-term drinking may cause a cancer and destroy tissues. Chronic intoxication may cause skin cancer and damage liver muscles and kidneys.
Properties and distribution of manganese
  • Existence type : Manganese weights about 1000ppm (about 0.1%) in earth’s crust so that it is the 12th abundant element.
  • Properties : Manganese as silver metal is firm, but easy to be broken.
  • Risk : Manganese (Mn) accumulates in livers and the brain, causing poor development and subfertility. Manganese intoxication symptoms are drowsiness, fatigue, mental instability, and even paralysis.
Photos of the installed water purification facility